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Making our city a better, safer and cleaner place has been my husband's passion and it has clearly shown since day one. Aurelio Mattucci has worked for our city and its residents since he was first elected and continues to do so every day. I feel proud to have him as our councilman and husband. He is strong, dedicated, passionate and not afraid to speak up and do everything in his power to make things happen. He genuinely loves what he does and wants to make a difference in our community. I fully support and endorse Aurelio for another term as Torrance City Council, I believe every city deserves to have an Aurelio Mattucci.

— Celeste Mattucci

— George Chen - City of Torrance Council Member

— Sharon Kalani - City of Torrance Council Member

— Tasha Cerda - Mayor of Gardena California

— Suzanne Hoff Hadley - Mayor of Manhattan Beach CA.

— Michael Kemps - Mayor of Palos Verdes Estates

— Alex Vargas - Mayor for the City of Hawthorne

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council.

— William (Bill) Uphoff - Council Member for the City of Lomita

— John Cruikshank - Council Member for the City of Rancho Palos Verdes

— Steve Napolitano - City of Manhattan Beach Council Member

— Bernadette Suarez - City of Lawndale Council Member

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022

— Tony Wu - Current Councilman and former Mayor at City of West Covina

— Jack Guerrero - City of Cudahy Council Member

I’m rooting for Aurelio Mattucci from Torrance's friendship town Kashiwa city in Japan. 

— Yosuke Yamashita - City of Kashiwa (Torrance's sister city) Council Member

— David Hadley - Former State Assembly Member 66th District

— Betty Lin Peterson - Former Mayor of Palos Verdes Estates

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 

— Dr. Kenneth Wright

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council

— Ron Mataalii - Torrance Parks and Recreation Commissioner

— Novelette Witt - Torrance Social Services Commissioner

— Ron Riggs - City of Torrance Commissioner

— Sergio Mortara - Hawthorne School Board Member

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. 

— Tom Brewer - Former Torrance City Council Member

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022

— Bill Sutherland - Former Torrance Council Members

— Mike Mauno - Former Torrance City Council Member

— Steve Aspel - Former Mayor of Redondo Beach

— Suzanne Fuentes - Former Mayor of El Segundo, CA

— Dan Reid - Former Lawndale City Council Member

Aurelio is deeply concerned about the residents of Torrance and loves this community. I strongly support and endorse Aurelio Mattucci for city council.

— Mark Tsuneishi - Former Torrance Commissioner, Small Business Owner

Seaside and Riviera families are so fortunate that the choice for their City Councilmember has never been clearer. Councilman Aurelio Mattucci has exceeded expectations in creating a cleaner and safer community. His commitment to Torrance youth is unimpeachable. As a father, he recognizes how important it is to act responsibly in the interests of future generations. I’ve seen Aurelio Mattucci drop everything just to help out a student in need, informing them about civic issues and attentively listening to their concerns. Our city is in need of modern-day solutions to problems that residents face daily. Tough and tested — Aurelio Mattucci did it before, he’s going to do it again.

— Raphi Rebucas - President of the Board of Governors of YLPAC

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022.

— Gina Alexander

I have approached in the past councilman Aurelio Mattucci regarding traffic safety in Torrance, he took the time to listen to me and took action immediately and set up a safety message on Torrance electronic boards, this made my family and I feel not only safe but that he cared for Torrance Traffic safety to prevent crashes and loss of life in our city. He is a man that wears his heart on his sleeve, a business man and most of all a family man, He cares for the people and the city of Torrance, This has been visible to everyone who knows him and for those who didn’t know him now they do. He has taken the time always to listen to citizens concerns and kept our city safe and clean. This is what we need as citizens where we do business and live in, someone like Aurelio Mattucci that will take action! and know that your city has your back. Sincerely, Lili Trujillo Puckett

— Lili Trujillo Puckett

Although I don't live in Torrance, I support what Aurelio Mattucci stands for and what he supports. I wish he were one of my city councilmen. — Michael Mitchell

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Sandy Sandoval

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — John Beck

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Zoe Ramzy

It's great to have someone who actually represents the interest of the Torrance community and stands his ground regarding the quality of life issues of Torrance. Torrance 1st means Aurelio Mattucci seated in the Torrance City Council. Vote Mattucci

— Louise Outland

I fully endorse him — Robert Justice

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Deanna Cowell

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Troy Thomas

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci. I have gotten to know Aurelio over the years, and one thing I know for sure, he loves the city of Torrance. He stands with conviction for what he believes is right. Not everyone agrees with Aurelio, but they sure would want him on their side, push come to shove. Thank you Aurelio for all that you do, and keep up the good fight!

Guy Puckett - Torrance Businessman

— Guy Puckett

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Ameliorated Georgia

Aurelio Mattucci you are a good, kind, honorable and respectful person. You have 100% of my support. — Jerry Cohen

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022.


I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022 — Jacob Moencdh

We could definitely use many more leaders like Aurelio. Those that are willing to step outside the traditional box and look for innovative and forward thinking solutions to the unusual issues we are facing today. Aurelio has proven since day one (and before) that he is always willing to do this. Even when it's not the popular thing to do, he is in touch with the needs of the people and works hard to address the community concerns and bring them forward for the council to address. We are proud to call him a friend and will always support him in any way that we can. ~ Bill and Sandra Goetz — Sandra Goetz

My pleasure to endorse Aurelio Mattucci for re-election — Rod Guyton

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Ron Bassilian

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022 — Stefanie Elwood

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Jennifer Dobos-Bubno

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022 — Gary Aven

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Sheree Stenzel

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council  — Jose Romo

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Melinda Palmer

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Siobhan Griffin

I am endorsing Aurelio Mattucci for District 5 — Lorraine Cruz

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci — Scott Carter

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Eric Schuchman

— Jonathan Kaji - Torrance Resident and Small Business Owner

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Deanna Cowell

You know you ALWAYS have my support and I'll be glad to help in any way I can. BEST OF LUCK!!! — Gabriela Fischer - Torrance business owner & founder of The Utopian Society Project

If you want someone to fight for your city, to listen to your issues and resolve them in a timely manner, then, VOTE Aurelio Mattucci. Coming from a hard working family of immigrants, he understands the power of resilience, acculturation, diversity, inclusion, as well as character, morals, and ethics. There is no better candidate than Aurelio, who is in the trenches, working hard to keep its city safe, clean and progressive.

— Dr Aura Imbarus

I fully support Aurelio Mattucci. I love what he's doing to help keep Torrance clean and free of vagrants. His number one concern is the citizens of Torrance. — Michael Gausman

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022 — Dale Ergonomic

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci — Alex Islas

I proudly endorse Aurelio Mattucci for election to the Torrance City Council! We need more people like him on every city council. — Arthur Schaper

— Lu Gomez

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Jacqueline Huynh

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022 — Linda Miller

The Honorable Aurelio Mattucci has done more for Torrance than ANY other Torrance official. Mr. Mattucci is always out among the people, in the trenches, cleaning- up Torrance streets and seeking ways to make Torrance a safer and better place to live... he has my full support. - Al Thompson III ( Torrance Resident) — Sherman (Al) Thompson III

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Barbara Atyson

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Ike Miura

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci — Linda Luzan

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Spencer Dela Cruz

Aurelio Mattucci is a great asset to City of Torrance. He is willing to take look at the issues happening in the city and fight for better and safe Torrance. I highly recommend him. — Raphael Hwang

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council  — Donata Tomlins

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council 2022 — Melinda Palmer

I strongly endorse Aurelio! He fights hard to keep Torrance clean, safe and beautiful! — Peggy Froseth

I feel that Aurelio Mattucci should be re-elected to the Torrance City Council.. Let's stop with the politics and vote for Aurelio based upon all that he has done for Torrance. He was out in the community trying to help with the beautification of Torrance even before he was on the City Council. He has been an advocate of weed and trash removal from Torrance city streets and making sure graffiti is quickly removed, as well as removing shopping carts and furniture being dumped in the street. I worked on Aurelio's first campaign helping him with his mailings when he ran for city council. I met him one time and I was very impressed by his professional attitude and all the things he has done for the community. I feel that Aurelio is fair, honest and hard working; I have been very proud to have him as one of our Torrance City Council people. Please consider voting for him once again.

— Rick Beaver - Torrance Resident

I've known Aurelio for six years. His position on keeping Torrance safe & clean are not only appointed through his discussions, but also by action including hands on actions. I appreciate his conservative values and willingness to listen to all viewpoints fairly. I'm very happy to have people of his character in our community and support his campaign for re-election to the Torrance City Council.

— Todd Rubenstein

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — MARILYN DAY


— Peter Michel - President, Torrance-Lomita Palos Verdes Republican Assembly and Vice-President, Beach Cities Republicans

Mattucci is the kind of politician that one can TRUST. Not only can you trust him to NOT become a dirty politician and to tell the truth but to make the right choices as well as the correct decisions for you, for me, for our city and for our schools.! — Richard Christensen

Best of Luck. — Evelyn Oreta

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Eric Jones

Thank you for keeping my district safe and Torrance..

— Ben Espinoza

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Erica Jackson

Good Luck !! 

— Jeff Benson

Tha Maas Family — Samuel Maas

100% for Aurelio! — Jennifer Dobos

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. — Veronica Rank

Aurelio supports the local residents in every way! — Peggy Froseth

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for city council district 5 and also endorse him for mayor of Torrance should he decide to run. — Michael Bastian

Best of Luck! — Kelly Sepulveda

Having known this man since my teens, I truly know what he stands for. Aurelio stands for family values and wants to create a safe, clean and friendly community for everyone. He doesn’t exclude others and welcomes all. He supports our Law Enforcement and believes all children deserve a great education. He helps raise money for so many organizations and volunteers his time every moment he can. He is a role model so many can look up to. No one is perfect but he is perfect for Torrance City Council! — Stacie Smith

I believe Mr. Mattucci sincerely cares about the city of Torrance and it’s residents quality of life. He has been the most vocal and active Council member and is not afraid to voice his opinion or take a position on issues. As a long time resident of Torrance and retired Police Officer I fully endorse Mr. Mattucci for Torrance City Council. — Steve Lancaster

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci — Stephanie Casares

Aurellio supports a safe and healthy Torrance . He is a big proponent of pubic safety and I support his “evict coyote” movement. Coyotes don’t belong in our backyards! — Niels Pedersen

We endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. Promises made and promises kept, plus more. He genuinely cares about the city he lives in. Aurelio has demonstrated that he cares enough to be hands on, from pulling weeds, picking up dumped items , and participating with the food bank. If you want a councilman who listens, responds and finds solutions, then join us and vote for Aurelio! — Tina Blakeman

Best of luck.

— Carol J Posner

I absolutely endorse Aurelio for city council! He is easy to contact with concerns and takes action on the issues when presented with them. I feel that he only wants the best for Torrance and its residents! — Don Garriott

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Eric Jones

I’m endorsing Mattucci for Torrance council because he cares about everyone and he’s prepared to fight for a cleaner and safer Torrance it’s time to make our city safe again it’s time to make our city clean again with Mattucci we will MAKE TORRANCE GREAT AGAIN #Mattucci2022 MTGA — Noah Ellis

Thank you for keeping Torrance a safer city and trying to get rid of the homeless problem . — April Espinoza

THANK YOU — Sharon Pizzulli

Aurelio is a great council member. He has done a lot for Torrance and would love to see him keep moving Torrance in the right direction. If you want Torrance to get better and believe the city’s best moments are ahead of it, Vote for Aurelio! — Dayton Montoya

Good Luck Aurelio — John Ross Hernandez

Aurelio, count on my support and endorsement. You are a fine representative of the City of Torrance

— Zeke Vidaurri

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Kate Angeli

I completely and whole heartedly endorse and support Aurelio Mattucci. We are so lucky to have him fighting for us..let’s keep that Great energy going — Sunny Flaig

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council — Laura Patti

I would like to endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance city council. He is a great family man and friend, honest, trustworthy, and will work for the people. He loves and does what's right for the community. Always goes the extra mile for the things he is most passionate about. Vote for Aurelio Mattucci 2022 — Barbi Jung

Good luck. As a Redondo resident, I always admire your efforts. Wish you the best.

— Tony Kostas

Aurelio, Your continuous drive to make Torrance a better place to live, speaks volumes. Count me in.

— Frederick Koch

I'm not in your district but wish you the best!! I would wholeheartedly endorse you!!!

— Janet Dela Cruz

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci — Rudi Lopez, M.A.

Best of Luck. — Gina Nolte

Good Luck !!! — Ike Miura

Wish you the best.

— Cathy Pittera

Best of Luck.

— Eric Schuchman

Good Luck Aurelio

— Jessie Starcher

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council. — Douglas Rank

Best of luck. 

— Cristina Thomson

Aurelio Mattucci has years of business experience and has a passion to keep Torrance, safe, strong and thriving. I strongly support his run for City Council.

— Carole Schimmick

We need change in our city — Barry Buth

I see Aurelio as a councilman that has a concern and a love for Torrance and has my vote in 2022

— Dennis Barnhart

Even though I can’t vote for Mattucci in 2022 because I don’t live in his district but I’m endorsing him because he cares about our city he’s a decent family man and he’s prepared to fight for a cleaner and safer Torrance so people get out and vote for Aurelio Mattucci in 2022 and he wants to get the homeless off the streets and get them the help they need and he wants the illegal dumping and trash off our streets. Torrance used to be great but unfortunately it has gotten bad like in the low income areas like by harbor UCLA hospital area in Torrance but with Aurelio's leadership we can make Torrance great again!

So in 2022 get out and VOTE for Aurelio Mattucci for a Cleaner & Safer Torrance MATTUCCI2022

— Noah Ellis

At this time, I would like to cast my endorsement to friend and City Councilman Aurelio Mattucci for City Councilman of the City of Torrance. He has represented the People of Torrance well with solid values to up hold the safety and keeping this city clean. He has addressed the needs of the city and the most needy, those struggling with homelessness, senior citizens, and community development. The city need a strong faithful voice for all in the city and I believe He will continue to be the right man to this very needed job. — AL Tatro

Thank you Aurelio for being the person this human kind needs right now. The fact that you are always out there bringing concerns to the table and actually having them solved shows how much you care about the people in Torrance and people in general. My office is in Torrance, I'm there 10-12 hours a day, and I wish I could vote for you in the elections. Thanks again, Violet — Violet Takacs

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Maria Ventouras

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance — Richard Christensen

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Brenda Sinay

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci. — Melinda Palmer

Aurelio Mattucci is a man of honor and serves our city with dignity. He truly believes in a cleaner and safer Torrance and for that he has my vote! — Abraham Agiba

Best of Luck — Terri Cassick

I have lived in Torrance for 15 years. In that time, not once in the past or present have I seen any Councilmen or Mayor’s work or fight for our city the way Aurelio does. He is honest, concerned for our community and determined to make Torrance a better place to live. I have never endorsed, offered support or contributed a donation to a city Councilman, until now. Aurelio Mattucci has my support! — Katherine Fendley

Best man for the job and the City. — Eric Rosenberg

Glad to help. — Sherman (Al) Thompson III

I endorse Mattucci for Torrance City Council  — Monica Ambrosano

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council  — Lorraine Cruz

Aurelio stands with us and not the establishment. He fights for us and his principles are not for sale. Like me he is an immigrant to this country and appreciates the opportunities this country has given us. Aurelio Mattucci has the best interests of the people of Torrance in mind.

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for city council 2022.

Vote Aurelio Mattucci!!!

— Claude Todoroff

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council  — Robert Nickell

Aurelio Mattucci truly cares about the City of Torrance and its residents. I can’t think of anyone who is so actively involved in looking after the best interests of the city’s wellbeing and our quintessential American values. He is a valuable asset to our community and rightly deserves reelection. — Kristina Bonhomme

Aurelio has been the most attentive Councilperson we have been blessed to have looking after us in like forever. I have been a Torrance resident since 1955. Once in awhile we elect the right person to look after our City and do what is right for all of Torrance's citizens. That is Aurelio. Thank you for working for us Aurelio, and hopefully you will be here for a very long time... MPH — Michael-Patrick HOGUE

Thank you Aurelio for all your hard work to keep Torrance clean and beautiful. Good luck! — Dixie Cooper

As a long-term resident of Torrance, I wholeheartedly endorse and support Aurelio Mattucci for City Council. For over two decades, and have watched our city grow and change in many ways. Aurelio has a heart for Torrance and is committed to improving our communities and our way of life. I admire his "can-do" attitude and his willingness to be involved and to be part of the change! He's bold, creative, and unwilling to compromise. He sets a solid example for the type of leadership that our city needs. — Sharon Fadale

Glad to hear Mattucci will be running again in 2022! His common sense is much needed around here. — Nicholas Willis

I would like to endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council for 2022. Aurelio has the passion and dedication to keep Torrance a safe and clean city for our families. I have relied on Aurelio several times to assist me with different projects and he has always come through with a smile. He is now and will continue to be a champion for our great city of Torrance. Thank you — Kristi Simonian

Good luck Aurelio! Keep up your great work. — Dennis Piotrowski

Aurelio, is the perfect solution for Torrance. — Luis Sandoval

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci — Joe Miller

We endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council  — Jim and Betsy Delurgio

As a 5 year resident of Torrance, I support Mr. Aurelio Mattucci. — Chris Sundlee

Aurelio is truly the council's boots on the ground - he talks the talk and walks the walk, and absolutely, positively has my vote in 2022! — Roxanne B

If there is a person who can tackle the homelessness issues with compassionate and safe solutions, that person is Aurelio. Torrance will be fortunate to have him. — Lucia La Rosa Ames

I met Aurelio when he was initially starting his run for city council , in the Starbucks at PCH and Calle Mayor. He seemed to be a very honest and genuine person that cared very deeply for his city and his neighbors and wanted to help make sure that Torrance stayed a wonderful place to live ,work and raise a family . My husband and I were both born and raised in Torrance and then worked , he as a police officer and I worked for the school district. We raised 5 kids , one who is a TUSD teacher now. We moved to Maryland 18 months ago to be near our grandkids and we miss Torrance every day ! I only hope that the people of Torrance care enough to re-elect Aurelio to city council . My hope is that he continues in politics as I believe he could do so much for California. I see the help that he provides both through his church and on his own . I fully endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council ! 🇺🇸 ❤️ Torrance — Sue Espinosa

Endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Joe Miller

I’m in!!!! #Mattucci2022 — Scott/Laura Bargar

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci  — Jerry Blanks

I endorse Aurelio Mattucci — Leslee Pitschke

Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance  — Azadeh Salek

Best of luck. — Bela Gazdag

I whole-heartedly endorse Aurelio Mattucci for Torrance City Council, District 5. Three generations of my family have lived in our same Torrance home for over sixty years, and I'm grateful for having been able to bring up my son in essentially the same Torrance I remember as a boy. I grew up at a time when Torrance was a safe, prosperous, and congenial community. I think this is still much the case in Torrance. But the welfare of a community is not guaranteed, and there will be deterioration if the people and leaders of a city fail to act in the best interest of the community. I've been following the career of Aurelio for some years and have been impressed by his devotion to our community. He works hard, always in the interest of the majority of Torrance residents. He makes the hard decisions that won't always win him a popularity contest, but in the end the course of action he fights for turns out to be, in my opinion, the most practical and economically realistic course for *everybody* Torrance. He has been in the forefront of policies favoring (1) the safety of Torrance residents, (2) a healthy local economy, and (3) a clean and well-maintained Torrance environment. Moreover, on any of these issues Aurelio has proven himself to be an extraordinarily responsive member of City Council. Even people who disagree with him or his policies can get a fair hearing and a prompt response. I strongly urge residents of District 5 to return Aurelio to office. Council members of his courage and commitment to principle are rare and deserve re-election. — Mark Richardson

Aurelio Mattucci has my absolute support in continuing to provide a critically needed voice for this community.

— Andrew Oda


— Colin Douglass
Russ Lemley

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