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Just an update from City Hall.

The homeless plan that I proposed back on June 4, 2019 was finally voted in on June 22, 2021. But the Anti Camping Ordinance which I heavily pushed for, can't be enforced until the 40+ tiny homes are erected and made available as an option. We are pushing hard to get them finished ASAP. Once opened, our Police Department can start enforcing the anti camping ordinance and hopefully push these individuals into programs to get them off the street and provide them with life changing assistance. In short, the individuals that are refusing help and continue to live on our streets, will be asked to accept help or leave Torrance.
Also, in 2018 I proposed year round coyote trapping. In late 2021 I finally got my Year Round Coyote Plan up and running. We are trapping between one and two coyotes per week, along with many private residents hiring their own trappers (allowed by law). Our coyote population will be decreased one way or another. We also know that RPV took a similar approach to culling the coyote population to safer levels.
In mid 2021 I proposed expanding our once a year free large item pick up to ALL Torrance Residents including those living in rental apartment buildings. Staff is putting together a plan that will cost between $10 and $15 per year, per unit, and could be added to the yearly Landlord's licensing fee.
The illegal dumping program is working well along with the abandoned shopping cart program. Both programs along with the graffiti removal service and coyote sightings reporting can be accessed through the "MyTorranceCA" application from your smart phone.
I also proposed an ordinance making it illegal to smoke in common areas of apartment buildings.
In May of 2020 I asked for concurrence from my fellow council members to bring back an item to discuss detaching from Los Angeles County's Health District and create an independent department to service Torrance and possibly the whole South Bay. This would give us independence from LA County's "One size fits all" approach. This is in the works.
Nothing could be accomplished without the hard work of staff, and a few of us on the council that are pushing for a Cleaner and Safer Torrance.
I invite everyone to stay engaged in conversation with city hall, and push for a better Torrance. The city belongs to the people of Torrance. You have the power to push for change.

Who is running for Torrance City Council? 

District 5   Aurelio Mattucci

  Jean Adelsman

Committee to Elect Aurelio Mattucci for City Council 2022 FPPC# 1436217
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