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The first ever Torrance Homeless Plan has been voted in.

Why run to be on the City Council? No, the Torrance City Council does not make 6 figures. We get $100 a month, Health Insurance (which is huge), a car allowance of $446 a month, and the ability to get reimbursed if we go to lunch or coffee with a resident or business owner to discuss city issues. But the biggest reward is knowing you are part of the 4 votes needed to get things done, and the fact that you are able to present ideas to the council for consideration, like I did on June 4, 2019 when I asked concurrence from council to bring back a homeless plan which included an Anti Camping Ordinance. Yesterday we were delivered the 98 page Homeless Three Year Plan.
It's a proud moment for Torrance and I wanted to share it with you.
Staff did an awesome job. This will be a work in progress.
The location of the pods is an issue, and we are actively looking for alternate sites and funding. Bottom line we couldn't wait to get the program started, we had to act, and act fast. The number of homeless/vagrants in our city tripled in just 4 years reaching 322.
Have patience and give the plan a chance. Worst case scenario we scrap it and start all over.


Committee to Elect Aurelio Mattucci for City Council 2022 FPPC# 1436217
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