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Aurelio's Top Issues List

This is what I believe are our city's TOP ISSUES.
1. Growing Homeless Population, tripled over a period of 4 years. A plan is coming to council by June of this year. I am pushing for building a shelter, a safe parking, and include an anti camping ordinance. By law we must provide shelter and living options if we want to enforce an ordinance that would get people off the streets.
2. Increases in Criminal Activity, we are seeing a major increase in petty crimes, which will inevitably evolve to more serious crimes. I am pushing to fully fund and staff our Police Department.
3. Illegal Dumping and overall Cleanliness. The battle to keep our city clean is a daily one. Staff is developing a new city app that will be a one stop shop.
4. Over Development and the state's push for High Density low income apartments. The issue with this is that it's coming down from Sacramento. We must fight to retain local control.
5. Traffic congestion, we must create more Live/Work opportunities within our city, and ensure proper traffic flow.
6. Increases in coyote encounters and a failed coyote population plan. A coyote management plan revision is coming up and I am proposing YEAR ROUND TRAPPING.
7. Ensuring a stronger approach to re-opening our schools and businesses. This is something we should all push for. Contact all the decision makers at the County and State levels.
8. Proper upkeep of our roads and sidewalks. I believe we are on the right track.
9. Plant more trees. I have proposed a revision to our plan. I am pushing to plant more trees. One down and three up formula. I am also bringing a plan to council that would allow the city to plant trees in every bare parkway within the city. We are talking thousands of newly planted trees.
There are many other issues that we must work on. No issue big or small should be overlooked. If something you are passionate about and don't see it on the list or priorities, please post about it along with what you think should be a plan to fix it.


Torrance is a beautiful city, in a wonderful Country.  We must never give up fighting to protect it from those wanting to see us fail. 

Committee to Elect Aurelio Mattucci for City Council 2022 FPPC# 1436217
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