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Aurelio Mattucci's Top Priorities

These are my priorities.
- Get vagrants off our streets, our sidewalks, our bus shelters, and parks. They either accept the help they are being offered or they will be asked to leave Torrance. Ultimately we want them to get help, but if they refuse, they are no longer welcome to just trash our city. Torrance under my watch will NEVER turn into a Venice Beach.
- Increase Police Patrols, fully fund Law Enforcement, and send a strong message to criminals that Torrance will not allow them to terrorize our citizens and businesses. Pretty simple, Criminals must take their criminal activity elsewhere.
- Clean our community like we've never cleaned before. A clean city is an attractive city. The citizens of Torrance want and deserve a spotless city.
- Plant more trees. I have proposed that we plant more trees throughout the city. We will fill every vacant parkway and increase density in our parks. Torrance must live up to our Tree City USA status. Tree lined streets are beautiful and alive.
- We must STOP Over-Development and fight for local control. Traffic and pollution can destroy a city.
- We must continue to properly maintain our streets and sidewalks. Years of neglect have taken a toll. I do believe we are on the right track and have made this effort a top priority.
- We must continue our efforts to reduce the coyote population to safer levels. Our residents and household pets deserve safety, especially when in their own backyards.
- We must focus on reducing our unfunded pension liabilities and make sure we aren't adding to them.
- We must separate our Wants and Needs and always take a Fiscal Conservative stance on spending taxpayers money.
These are my Top Priorities but not the only things I will continue fighting for.
Vote Aurelio Mattucci, the guy that goes out and picks up trash, pulls weeds, and fights to keep Torrance looking like Torrance should.

Committee to Elect Aurelio Mattucci for City Council 2022 FPPC# 1436217
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