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This is a list of "Financial Supporters" that have donated a total cumulative of $100 or more to the campaign. The names are sorted by highest donor.  These individuals are vital to the campaign. 

Linda Pike

Gilbert Watson 

Diana Mattucci

Lea Pike

Lisa DiMercurio

Accelerated Holdings

Jennifer Andrew

First Class Auto Body

Kurt Schroeder

Auto Scan

Mark Tsuneishi 

Sandra Goetz

Alessandro Bugliosi

Charlene Nishi 

Frances Oatridge

Andrea Boyer

Milton Herring

Kenneth Darr

Ganis Co. 

Cinda Herring

Troy Thomas

Kenneth Wright

Claude Todoroff

Michael Mitchell

Scott Carter

Gabriela Peres

Rod Guyton

Suzanne Fuentes

Armando Mendoza

Silvana Mattucci

A2Z Insurance

Michael Forsberg

America's Trophy Co.

Daniel Rumery

Douglas Rodriguez

RealPro Investments

Luigi Schiappa

Stanley Moore

Luisa Fahey

Kenji PCI

Anthony Molino

Alicia Collins

Rick Marshall

Neal Bracewell

Ron Riggs

Paul Klinger

Omar Navarro

Lauren Cotner

Teresa Matsuyama

John Hernandez

John Beck

Stephen McDannold

John Ballard

Erika Uno

Celeste Mattucci 

Tony Molino

Mattucci Tailoring

Pino Pugliese Coccorino Custom

Ken Hartley

Rose Rubin

Irene Tomanemg

Deborah Stromwall



Want to be on this list?  Donate $100 up to $1,000 today 

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