The Following Have Endorsed

Aurelio Mattucci For Torrance City Council

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Carol Gilles                  Torrance Resident and local Realtor

Emilio Doval                 Firefighter

Jonathan Harris            Torrance Resident

Anthony Fadale            Torrance Resident

Rose Fadale                 Torrance Resident

Joseph Borg                 Torrance Resident

Frank Paonessa            Torrance Resident

Thomas Baaden           Torrance Resident and business owner

Concetta Paonessa       Torrance Resident

Ennio Schiappa            Torrance Resident and business owner

Michelle Schiappa         Torrance Resident         

Aless Masciotti              Torrance Resident

Laura Charpentier         Torrance Resident

Steve Aspel                  Mayor of Redondo Beach

Pam Aspel                    Wife of Mayor of Redondo Beach

Adrienne Gross             Torrance Resident

Mario Chavez               Torrance Resident

Sonia Prole                  Torrance Resident

Martella Keniry             Torrance Resident

Tony Mancuso               Torrance Business Owner

Alida Schiappa              Business Owner

Luigi Schiappa              Business Owner

Joanne Galin                 Local Business Owner

Raul Doval                    Family member

William Ho                    Torrance Resident

Mario Caruso                 Torrance Resident

Stuart Ganis                  Torrance Business Owner

Marilou Mangen             South Bay Resident

Mario Reccinos               South Bay Resident 

Irene Settele                 South Bay Resident

Peter Settele                 South Bay Resident

Mary Ganis                    Torrance Business Owner

Ken Perry                      Torrance Business Owner - Perry Mailing Services Inc.

Lawrence Perry              Torrance Business Owner - Perry Mailing Services Inc.

Joe Delorenzo                Torrance Business Owner and Resident

Charles Meyer                Torrance Residents and Local Artist

Dora Meyer                    Torrance Residents and Local Artist

Anthony Solano              Torrance Resident

Batta Vujicic                   Torrance Resident

Cristina Fadale                Torrance Resident

Bona Tucker                   Torrance Resident

Nick Roman                    Torrance Resident and Business Owner

Camille Perry                 Torrance Resident

Karen Surabian               Torrance Resident

Sharon Cox                    Torrance Resident

Riccardo Brindicci           Torrance Resident

Dani Rodriguez               Torrance Resident

Nick Donato                   Torrance Resident

Ann Donato                   Torrance Resident

Lily Cueto                      Torrance Resident

Yamila Caruso               Torrance Resident

John Charpentier           Torrance Resident

Dolly                             Torrance Resident

Mabel Caruso                 Torrance Resident

Horacio Caruso              Torrance Resident

Morris Gordon                Torrance Resident

Adriana Battaglia           Business Owner 

Stephen Perry                Torrance Business Owner - Perry Business Services

Alan Cox                        Torrance Resident 

Jeff Ginsburg                  Elected Councilmember City of Redondo Beach

Oscar Caruso                  Business Owner First Class Auto Body

Sergio Mortara                Business Owner Continental Gourmet Markets

Tom Tavoularis               Attorney at Law 

Larry Killian                    Torrance Business Owner

Mark Latini                     Torrance Business Owner

Michael Divita                 Business Owner

Rosetta Burnett               Volunteer

Celeste Mattucci              My Lovely Wife

Diana Mattucci                Family

Maria Pia Mattucci           Family

Joseph Mattucci              Family

Riccardo Munoz               South Bay Resident

Sue Cobb                       South Bay Resident

John Cirrincione              South Bay Resident

Sandy Mortara                South Bay Resident

Tamara Leon                  South Bay Resident

Zeke Vidaurri                  South Bay Resident

Anna Chang                    South Bay Resident

Lisa DiMercurio                South Bay Resident

Francesco Funiciello         South Bay Resident

Diane Patalano                South Bay Resident

Charlene Nishimura        Torrance Business

Daniel Iannini                South Bay Resident & Business Owner

Marina Golden               Business Broker South Bay

Neal Bracewell               Torrance Business

Steve McDannold            Torrance Landlord

Gino Battaglia                South Bay Business Owner

Eugenio Schiappa           Torrance Business Owner

Vito Di Giorgio                Business Owner

Kazuki Matsuyama          Landlord

Judith Penano                 Retired

Jose Diaz                       South Bay Business Owner

Virginia West                 South Bay Resident

John Morgan                  South Bay Business Owner

Juan Bueno                    South Bay Business Owner

Federica Campagnari      South Bay Resident and School Teacher

Sanni Wehbe                 South Bay Business Owner - Insurance Agency

Guido Mattucci               South Bay Business Owner - Family

Gloria Garcia                 South Bay Resident

Marianne Brooks            Business Owner

Paola Fung                    Torrance Resident

Khryste Hinkebein Langlais - Torrance Business Owner

Karen Perez Natzmer       South Bay Resident

Christine Boucher            South Bay Resident

Chris Cagle                     South Bay Business Owner

Tony Trutanich               Torrance Business Owner - Sunset Tans

Sharon Scandaliato         Business Owner

Suzie Castillo                  Torrance Business Operator

Lynda Mcmorries             South Bay Resident

Yolanda Romero              South Bay Resident

Melissa Griswold              Torrance Business Owner -

Steven Griswold              Torrance Business Owner -

Silvia Munoz                   South Bay Resident

Laura Doval                    South Bay Resident

Gaston Schetchel            Local Business Owner

Gregory Korzon              Torrance Business Owner - Antigua Cafe

Yaneth Korzon                Torrance Business Owner - Antigua Cafe

Lisa Burke                      CEO of Burke's Disaster Services

Mike Mitchell                  South Bay Business Operator

Francie Barich                South Bay Business Operator

Sallie Montgomery          South Bay Resident

Hunter Gaspar                South Bay Resident and Business Owner

Larry Finan                    Torrance Resident and Business Owner

Lisa Casiano                  Business Owner

Kazuki Matsuyama         Local Landlord

Paul Schiappa               Local Business Owner

Markita Lamar               Local Business Owner

Eduardo Cordi               South Bay Resident

Jim Bruno                     Torrance Business Owner - Sunshine Massage

Sandi Fung                   Torrance Business Owner

Janet Trevino                South Bay Resident

Liz Holmes                    South Bay Resident

Edmond Deckert            South Bay Resident

Elizabeth Soltero           Torrance Resident

Mario Crivello                Torrance Business Owner

Sandra Crivello              Torrance Business Owner

Massimo Bonfante          Business Owner

Marcella Manoni             Business Owner

Aldo Bonfante                Torrance Resident

Irma Bonfante               Torrance Resident

Lucia Galante                Torrance Business Owner

Alya Lucas                    Torrance Business Owner

Sandra Villarreal            Torrance Resident and Business Owner

Gilbert Villarreal            Torrance Resident and Business Owner

Lauren Spiglanin            Torrance Business Manager

Rick Beaver                    Torrance Resident

Ron Perry                       Business Owner

Carmen Sokolis              Torrance Businesswoman

Zivko Prole                    Torrance Business Owner    

Laurie Kun                     Businesswoman  

Theresa Stanberry          Torrance Resident and businesswoman

Martha Hagen                 Torrance Resident and businesswoman

Iain Cunningham            Torrance Business Owner

Diana Ho                        Torrance Resident

Karen Pinillos                  Torrance Resident

Mark Stolarz                   Torrance Resident

Franco DiFranco              Business Owner

Hola Rachel                    Resident

Michael Tedesco              Business Owner

Suzy Pelshaw                 Businesswoman

Monique Mortara            Businesswoman

Sue Suzuki                    Torrance Resident

Maurizio DiFranco          Business Owner

Tony DiFranco               Business Owner

Maria Lo Bosco              Resident

Giancarlo Fadin             Business Owner

Carmelo Sanfilippo        Business Owner

Pino Pugliese                Business Owner and local resident

Robert Hay                   Torrance Resident

Geraldine Hay               Torrance Resident

Helen Woodring            Torrance Resident

Dora Barnard               Torrance Resident

Robert Ulrich                Torrance Resident

Graham Hebson            Torrance Resident - Nomination

Suzanne Hebson           Torrance Resident - Nomination

Jane Hebson                 Torrance Resident - Nomination

Peter Wollner                Torrance Resident - Nomination

Tania Wollner                Torrance Resident - Nomination

Peter Wollner Sr.           Torrance Resident - Nomination

Jindka Wollner              Torrance Resident - Nomination

Hector Bermudez          Torrance Resident - Nomination

Michael Smith               Torrance Resident

Mary Voce                    Torrance Resident

Amy Irwin                    Torrance Resident

Esther Lopez                Torrance Resident

Jorge Rimada               Torrance Resident

Pina Rimada                Torrance Resident

Lisa Silva                    Torrance Resident

John Getz                    Torrance Resident and Business Owner

Rodney Ruge               Torrance Business Owner

Jeffrey South               Torrance Resident

Lidia Greenan              Torrance resident

Richard Peterson          Torrance Resident

Caroline Mattucci          Supporter

Paula Paulson               Torrance Resident

John Paulson                Torrance Resident

Annette Porter              Torrance Resident

Janice Allen                  Supporter

Claudio Cantoni            Supporter 

Faith Vietti                   Supporter

Craig Kovar                  Torrance Resident

Edmond Deckert           South Bay Resident

Daniela Mattucci           South Bay Resident

Enzo Mattucci               South Bay Resident

Shane Lamb                Torrance Resident and Business Owner

Anna Calderan             Torrance Resident

Angelo Calderan          Torrance Resident


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